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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has any tips about a good place to buy a domain name for an author website. The prices and services available across different providers vary quite a lot and I'm finding the research a bit of a time sink. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.

It may just be a matter of me having to learn, but it feels a bit like looking up at Mount Doom at the moment - gulp!


  • Hi Marianne, I used Square Space for my website and I’m pretty happy with the results. It has lots of template options and the basics are easy to pick up and it looks professional. 

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    • If you're just buying a domain name, GoDaddy has always worked for me. If you're designing a site and buying a name, I've found Wix simple enough that even I could figure it out. Good luck!

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      • Thanks so much, William - I'll check that out! :)

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        • I use GoDaddy too if I want to just buy a domain. If you also want a simple platform to design your website, then something like Wix or Square Space might be better for you because they have a lot more templates to work with and easier design tools than GoDaddy

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          • Wix works for me - BUT do you need a website yet? If you've got a book coming out then go for it - if not then perhaps it's a little premature?

            I set up my website after the agent I had said I needed to have one, then I didn't get a publishing deal and now the agent is a distant memory and I've had nothing to put on my website. I paid the £86 annual fee once then cancelled the whole thing as that's £86 for something nobody (not even me) looks at!!

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            • If you do go for it, I've found Wix to be very good, I started on Wordpress and couldn't make head nor tail of how it worked even after buying a book. Wix is far more intuitive. I bought my domaine name through Wordpress but then transferred it over. You can set up a website on Wix for free with a domain name they give you. The effect is less professional but it gives you a chance to practice the software at zero cost and you can go premium at any time. When I left Wordpress I checked out other sites like Squarespace but it was my impression that Wix was easier.

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              • Thanks so much for your advice, everyone! In the end, I've gone with a Wordpress.org package from Bluehost. I got the domain, hosting, emails, etc. The decision to go for WP.org was inspired by the SoW webinar by Bad Redhead Media*. I'm getting on alright with it so far. Bluehost offers some great support resources. 

                @Danny - The advice in some of the books I've read seems to be that it's handy to have a website, even early on. Perhaps it's not a necessity, but I fancied taking a look at how to do it. I'm finding it quite a fun thing to whittle away at when I'm not writing or at work. Perhaps it depends on how you're planning to use it.** 

                *I recommend the Bad Redhead Media Marketing Challenge book. It makes a lot of unknown and initially vaguely terrifying concepts clear and easier to approach!

                **Also recommend Jericho's resources about websites and mailing lists.

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