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Helloo - I need to howl HEELLLP and hopefully one of you will be able to hand me a virtual gin and a short sharp smack to stop my mind-gremlins taking over.  You see,  I've my first 1:1 with a book doctor tonight... and I AM BRICKING IT.  

This will be the first grown up, knowledgable, non-friend, real life proper writer person to look at my work, and WHAT IF SHE SAYS IT'S CRAP.

What if she laughs, and not in a good way...

What if she says 'I don't know how to say this, but...' and follows that up with something horrific about my total lack of talent, how tediously poor my prose is, and how utterly bollocking stupid the whole premise of the book is.

See? A slap is medically necessary. Or reassurance. Or a hug. Have any of you had experienced eyeballs on your work? I have zero clue what to expect!

Thanks muchly in advance :)

  • Come on Mariska, Doctors are there to HELP. There isn't one that I am aware of who goes by the name of DR DEATH!!!

    I submitted my first manuscript to JW  to be editorially assessed. It was carried out by an internationally recognised author with five best sellers to his name. Yes, I was apprehensive, who wouldn't be. It wasn't over the telephone but I received a 3000 word assessment. He told me that it was saleable. That meant so much. (Haven't had an agent take it up yet, but so what) He pointed out what he considered to be the good bits but more importantly where the plot was lacking. There were several. One of them so blindingly obvious I kicked myself for not spotting it myself. That's one of the problems with NOT having a totally independent assessment. You read what you have written. You do not necessarily assess it.

    If you've got the guts to arrive at this point and thrust your hard work forward for the scrutiny of a book Dr then please, stop worrying. They are supportive. They've been in the same place that we have. Made the same mistakes. Suffered just the same pangs that we have and, they want to help.

    Come on. Chins up. Get the gin out and relax. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.

    Good Luck


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    • In your photo is that a Corvid-19 protection device you're wearing or a cup of tea?

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      • You are the very best kind of lovely person, Ian, and I COMPLETELY appreciate every single thing you've said - waves of relief. Thank you thank you thank you.

        A proper full on manuscript assessment is the next investment on the cards - and in the meantime I've another 1:1 booked with an agent (in 3 weeks - super-eek) and then will be bombarding the industry so hard they'll all be tweeting 'watch out for that bloody Mariska chick - she's in everybody's slush.  

        I shall report back hopefully having not vomited on my laptop.
        Again - you are the very best kind of person, and thank you!!! :D

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        • It's a cup of coffee. Or a coffee cup with gin in it.  Not sure - can't remember, which lends itself more to the latter, I suppose. 

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        • You're welcome

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          • What if she loves it? What if she says, actually, this is just the sort of thing I've been looking for! Good luck!!

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            • THANK YOU Ian and Alan!  

              She gave me SUCH good feedback. She did really seem to like it a lot, and said her sons would absolutely love the kind of story it is (It's YA contemporary quest-style adventure)... she had many wonderful things to say about it, and lots of fantastic insights.

              The main thing though: I'm onto something good. I'm so relieved.

              In three weeks, I talk to an agent about it... thank goodness I set up the book doctor first!  

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              • At times te are our own worst enemies

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