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Hey Donna, lovely to meet you! 

I'm a German born British expat living in Portugal (near Oliveira do Hospital) – in other words, a 'non-Brexited' European – writing fiction and non-fiction. I'm wondering whether your novel has anything to do with the famous Portuguese Fadista?

  • Hi Veronika, Thanks for message.

    I spotted your profile page and read a bit of your sites & enterprises. Important stuff! My novel has only got one thing in common with Mariza the fadista, and that's the name of the protagonist, also the title. But there's a story behind it: I had already started writing and was looking for a female name 100% portuguese, something a bit more excting than just Maria, but had not found "it" yet. It was hampering my writing, as I needed a name to be able to develop the idea of my character. One day I was waiting for some friends in London and thinking about my novel, and there was a copy of a newspaper on the next seat. I picked it up, opened it, and found an article on Mariza the fadista: I knew straight away that it was the name I wanted for my character.

    I don't know if my character has got any traits similar to the real Mariza, but the story is unrelated to the fadista, just fiction.

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