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My youngest kids (5 and 12) broke up from school yesterday and they're already yelling at each other in the other room about something that's happening on the Nintendo Switch. Two months to go! How are you all doing?

  • Mine have not been at school for months but luckily at 13 and 17 they are old enough to hide in their rooms and do their schoolwork (so they say) via the web. I don't think the summer holiday will be much different to the rest of lockdown. I will still be going to work leaving them to their own devices. I do remember though the time when my youngest was 5 and fell top to bottom of the stairs splitting his head on the banister post on day one of the 6 week holiday. That panic, "I've got 6 whole weeks and I've not managed one day!" Somehow kids survive and thrive in spite of their parents' efforts! Have fun!

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    • Mine is 10 and hasn't been to school since lockdown began. Working from home full time whilst also doing all the childcare and homeschooling (I use the term 'homeschooling' lightly) and still finding time to write my novel and listen to all the great sessions in the Jericho Festival has been a challenge, but I have some annual leave over the school holidays which I'm really quite excited about! The way I see it, there is nothing that the school holidays can throw at me that can possibly be as bad as home schooling whilst working! 

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