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Hello Veronika, Thank you for accepting me as a friend. What lovely things you do and write about in beautiful Portugal. I hope your tomatoes grow well. Someone gave me a tomato plant last week. I put it on the window ledge in our front room, but Edinburgh doesn't get a lot of sun. I've been told I must re-pot it and feed it. Oh dear, I hope I succeed. i love the smell of tomatoes on the vine.

And I love the phrase black gold of the earth. How we need that gold.

Happy writing and send us some lovely Portuguese sun.

    • Hey Jenny, thank you back for becoming my new writer friend! — and for connecting here. Tomatoes grow really well in the Portuguese sun (that's why I mentioned them in my intro). Not sure if they need that much sun though. Here we grow them in the shade... :-) But they do need a long enough period of warmth to ripen. I'm sure the window ledge will do fine.

      I very much look forward to feeding and growing my writing projects in this lovely community. What do you write? I'm curious to read and exchange thoughts with fellow writers.

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      • Hello Veronika, 

        Yes, it is a lovely community. Writers need humus and sunshine and good refreshing company! 

        How long have you lived in Portugal? I hope you have a nice community there too. I have been to Portugal - my husband  speaks Portuguese among many other languages. I was captivated by my first visit and wrote seven sonnets. I write for children and adults, but Poland is my thing (though I'm not Polish). I'm about to have a book published, a literary biography about a leading Polish woman writer, Zofia Nałkowska (1884 - 1954). Her life spans mind-blowing moments in Polish history and her books are still read. 

        I also wrote, a children's book about a now widely known bear whom Polish soldiers adopted in 1942. He lived and fought with them, was resettled to Scotland (where he has left his claw marks on the trees in the Borders) and sadly then had t go to Edinburgh Zoo where he spent most of his life. He died age 22 in 1963. I have a rescued bear in the story I'm trying to pitch and hope to write a third bear book, a contemporary one. We are about to go to Slovakia to observe bears, but also to go into a school and hear what the children have to say about the issues around living so close to bears. I'm telling my husband to dredge up his very rusty Czech. I speak Polish, and they're all quite similar, hopefully too we'll have a translator. What we do for our writing!

        Lovely to be in touch.


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      • How interesting! We've been in Portugal for 10 years now, and planning to relocate back to the UK soon though to pursue our writing careers. We have a small writers' group here (initiated by myself), but I need more.

        I am fascinated by the spectrum of your work. My husband is a poet, I'm sure he'd be interested in your sonnets as well...

        Wishing you a great and inspiring visit to Slovakia.



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        • Thank you so much, Veronika. I'll let you know how it goes. My sonnets were published in my first ever collection of poetry Beyond the Border *Chapman, Edinburgh) I wrote them so that the last line of the first sonnet opened the second and so on. And they ended 'heedless of touting trade/ the thing that has most value is the shade.

          I hope your plans to re-locate go well - it's never easy to uproot and move.

          Very best wishes, 

          Jenny xxx

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