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John T
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Hi Sarah and co. I managed to sign up to Townhouse first time using Gmail on Mac Safari, but I have two friends who are not receiving confirmation e-mails, and the link between them seems to be that they use Mac's native Mail server. I can pass on any tips you have to them.

  • I use Safari and Mac Mail.

    No issues signing up on desktop.

    Mobile, however, has proven impossible to get working.

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    • Thanks for this guys - we'll pass it along to our tech super-wizard!

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      • I'm using Safari and can log into this site but not the Jericho Writers website, when I click the I'm not a Robot box after logging in nothing happens and I have to repeat the log in process again. 

        Can you pass this onto your IT wizard as well please? 

        thank you. 

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        • I can't get any of the links in yesterday's email to work on either Apple OSX or iOS devices. Tried several browsers but always get told that there isn't a secure link to is-tracking-link and so on, whoever they are.

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          • Hi all, 

            I don't know if this is related but I'm on a Mac and have had a few problems. I initially had issues with logging in. The page would would say that it wasn't found and sometimes wouldn't let me me in. That is now fixed but I now I can't access any of the links or see any of the replays. I've emailed the Jericho help email so hopefully it can be fixed. 

            Anyone else have a similar problem? 

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            • I find it impossible to keep a password and have to keep changing it to enter Townhouse, I use Safari on a Mac too.

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              • I am also having this problem, trying to enter Townhouse from a Mac on Safari. It doesn't recognise my password, so I have to use a community password link to get beck in, then I can't use that temporary password to change the password on my account! (I never have problems logging in to the main Jericho site)

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