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A bit more about my writing life: 

I've been writing books throughout my adult life, but they weren't mine. They were translations of books by other writers, some of them political Palestinian novels, others non-fiction in the field of alternative medicine. After seeing 20 of those publications lined up on my book shelf I wanted to start writing my own work. 

My dream was always to write contemporary fairytales — epic fantasy stories in the tradition of Michael Ende (author of the Neverending Story, Momo and many other wonderful tales). However, for the first couple of decades every attempt at writing a 'decent fairytale' fizzled out. Instead I managed to become quite productive at writing non-fiction.

First I researched extensively about creativity and the growth of human consciousness — the fruit of that research is now self-published under the title 'The Solo System' (several volumes).

Following the most devastating fire in living memory in Central Portugal (where I currently live) I wrote 'HUMUS, The Black Gold of the Earth'. 

And then, after HUMUS was done and published, it suddenly happened. In an intense surge of inspiration I started writing the book I'd always dreamt of writing. It began in February 2018 as a relatively short story and has since grown into an epic fairytale — or rather a series of fairytales, all interconnected within the same fantasy world called 'Ananga' (= the non existing one)

'The Storyweb of Ananga' is still work in progress, and I very much look forward to connecting with other writers of related genres in the Jericho Townhouse.