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Dear Harry, Sarah and all Jericho members,

 I wish to apologise for posting a chapter of my manuscript yesterday without paying attention to common courtesy. 

I have scrambled my thoughts for a few months, and I was desperate for contact. So, without rhyme or reason I just threw, without thought or consideration, my recent writing to the members of this fine group. No search for a detailed criticism only a selfish need to be in contact with someone. Please forgive me.

My confidence was shaken but not totally disturbed by two recent television programmes deemed to be popular and loved by the masses.

To keep myself up to date with current trends I watched these two shows. The first comedy was a meant to shock the audience, but not me. I found it difficult to find humour in the principal character allowing anal penetration to keep her late night caller happy. When you say Fuck 25 times it doesn’t shock, surely? Maybe I am really out of step. I loved many things about the show but if this is cutting edge writing then let my edges remain blunt.

Pleasing the masses may be a success, whatever that is? This show joins fifty shades of greyer than grey in telling me I am out of step.

The reviews of a novel of teenage love set in Ireland and Trinity intrigued me so I started watching the tv show.

 It threw me into confusion once again as the unbelievable plot unfolded, so I gave up.

It overjoyed me yesterday to read a review in The Guardian that agreed with my thoughts so I felt relief and started writing again. For recreation I watched Anthony Hopkins and a great cast in King Lear. Edmonds speech ends with a description of his status in life. "Now, gods, stand up for bastards!”  I had my title!

The lesson was obvious. Write what you want that makes you happy. There must be an audience for every type of writing.

                                               Best Wishes and good thoughts to all, from Les Evans