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HI All, I have had my 8 & 11 year old daughters at home since March - home schooling and then entertaining during the holidays - I'm lucky enough to still be working full time - all be it from home, my wife is a midwife pulling 12 hour shifts in horrific conditions. You can now spot a medic as they all have have spots around their mouths, ether that or their sniffing glue!

When she's at work it's been chaos - during teams meetings I've had:

Slime dropped on my head. One child on each knee crying. (they fight a lot). A rabbit running around the table and staring at the other teams participants - that one went down well actually, more interesting than the teams meeting. My eldest in the background making tik tok videos, my youngest presenting the world with a nose-bleed, both of them freaking out after a wasp flew into the kitchen, excessive noise as they play roblox in the next room. More tears as they have cut and styled each other's hair. (I got into a lot of bother for letting them do that.) They also took next doors cat into the blow up hot tub (when it had no water in it they turned it into a den. The cat didn't like it. The hot tub no longer works. Cat claws and blow up hot tubs don't go well together it seems.

As for writing - well on the back burner for now - I only get to do some during lunch time when my wife's not sleeping or working and able to manage the carnage. I don't think my kids are overly naughty but they're so used to having a catalogue of activities - gymnastics, swimming, brownies/guides, running club, drama, musical theatre that they are bored.

Also, we as a couple have not had a single hour when one or the other of them have not been with us - grandparents shielding - kids and parents are not designed to be together 24/7!

Schools in Scotland go back in 2 weeks - salvation is at hand....unless we get a second wave!!

fingers crossed

  • I agree. Parents and kids are not meant to be together 100% of the time. My seven year old is a lot more irritable than she used to be, since the Covid changes. Though I've been able to progress my draft over the first couple weeks of the summer break- as I don't have to give time to another job at the moment - I'm not going to try to write over August. Because writing requires a lot of focus, I'm letting it go over August to focus on doing things with them - plus clearing up some of the disorder that accumulates during writing sprees. My seven year old keeps asking me if I've made progress while she's been at multi-sports camp because she's counting down to when I've progressed enough to put the manuscript down! That's going to be Friday latest no matter what!

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    • Agree it's tough - luckily I'm the grandparent and am now able to help out - since the bubbles were allowed. When I grew up it was on a marketing gardening farm, both my parents were there 24/7 and so were we in the school holidays - we were all fine but then I guess the 12 acres helped :-)

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      • I really feel for you but it is a hilarious catalogue of lockdown zoom times. You will have to turn it into a book for them. 

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        • Danny, your working from home experience sounds familiar. I was okay for the first 6 weeks as my husband was furloughed, but after he went back to work all those online meetings became a bit of a nightmare.  These days I've taken to turning the camera off whenever there's enough people in the meeting to get away with it.  In fairness to my daughter though I think the cat's been more trouble than she has - as soon as she notices that I'm in a meeting she jumps up onto my desk and then spends the next few hours walking backward and forward in front of the camera, treading all over my keyboard and forcefully nudging my hand with her nose whenever I try to write anything down! I'll be very glad when schools go back in September but sadly I don't think they'll agree to take my cat too!  

          I have been doing my best to keep up with my writing through all of this but it's been very slow going. 

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          • The Roblox noise had me nodding along. Why do they have to narrate the damn game?! 

            My Teams highlight has been my youngest (3) walking in as I was on a call with the Execs, asking me to wipe her bum. 

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