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Hi, I'm hoping someone could give me a few pointers! I usually write fiction in the psychological crime genre. I have also written an adventure series for middle grade. I have now been approached by an acquaintance to write their memoir. This is totally new territory for me and i have explained this to the lady in question. She has contacted me today to ask if I would commence interviews and discuss the matter further. I have agreed to meet up next week. I mentioned that she might like to think about the 'thread' of her memoir, whether she would prefer to focus on a particular time, place or indeed person upon which to bring her anecdotes together. Also, she should consider her audience, whether this project is for herself, her family or indeed a wider audience. The problem I have (one of many - eek!) is that she has mentioned an hourly rate. This type of writing is new for me so I have no idea what to charge and in what format. I plan to record interviews with her and have advised her as such so hopefully this will simplify the interview process and provide me with a 'takeaway' experience of her stories and her own voice with which to work. Does anyone know whether it is usual for example to propose a fixed amount of hours per week/month or would a word count fee be more appropriate. I don't want to undercharge for my time but I want to arrive at a pricing framework that is fair to the client as I am a novice within this genre! Any suggestions/advice would be very gratefully received. Thank You!

  • You could look at organisations who write memoirs for others such as Story Terrace and see what they charge.  Also there are several books/ sites which tell you how to write a memoir - the might give you an idea.  Good luck!

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    • Thank you so much for your reply. I’m trawling Jericho too for any and all memoir tips. I’ll follow up on your suggestions, thanks again!

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      • Hi Emma, Lots of 1 on 1 interviews, a digital recorder is a handy tool. Your phone will do, but it's not ideal, use it as a backup. Keep it basic, there is hazard in complexity. You don’t want to 'record' a 3 hour Q&A session on pause, like I did ... once. Bon chance! 

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