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How is everyone finding the school holidays? I've found them easier than I expected (easier, not easy!) because my kids seem to be exhausted by the last term and more happy to just slob around, entertaining themselves. We've been going out for a forest walk most days (there are a couple of forests on the edges of our city) and that helps prevent them going too loopy. I've missed being able to safely take them to those horrendous big soft play warehouses though. Even though they were noisy and sticky and headachy, I used to get a few hours work done there while they careered round. 

  • As I'm in Scotland, the kids are back at school again, though I'm not sure how much work is being done TBH. quiet times in the house again means work can recommence. 

    Trying to find inspiration from somewhere! 

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    • I've been working, so still writing in the evenings, where possible. I think the kids are looking forward to school more than I am now...they keep asking about children they've not seen since March. They did go in over lockdown for some days, but were kept in very small bubbles of 5. 

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