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Villains, I am sick of stories where there are no bad guys, just misunderstandings and opposing goals. Yuck. I want more villains. I swear the writers of 1980s Saturday morning cartoons understood a good villain better than we do today. 

I am wondering how much mystery I should keep surrounding my villain. I notice lots of authors hold the cards close to their chest when it comes to their villain. Surrounding them with suspenseful mystery and opportunities for shocking reveals. 

One of my favorite villains is Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. We understand everything about the monster from the beginning and can relate to why he wants to destroy Dr Frankenstein's life.

I have an extensive back story for my villain but struggle to know when and how much to introduce to the reader. I understand that there are many ways to portray a villain. I want to hear how you did it and why.

  • I know what you mean. While it can be very interesting to have a story where there are no clear-cut good guys and bad guys, thus making it hard to pick a side (and it can work really, really well), all my personal favourites are stories where there is a definite good vs evil conflict. It's timeless and is very satisfying. 

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    • MY last MS had a real bitch of a villain in it - she was great fun to portray - one of my current WIP's has a whole bunch of villains and it's so easy to write about bad people doing bad things - no grey areas, no indecision just evil doing evil.I might need some psychiatric help lol ...

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      • Hahaha 

        My next novel will have three different sets of villains that don't meet each other, don't work together, probably don't know each other exist. Yet they all come against the protagonist and his group. Should be a lot of fun! 

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