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Struggling to find a consensus on as if/as though (and like, which is less formal of course...)

A) Jack glanced at his bag as if he had forgotten something.

B) Jack glanced at his bag as though he had forgotten something.

C) Jack glanced at his bag like he had forgotten something.

I'm thinking A or B... but can't make my mind up. And do you think it's better to stick to one throughout, or to vary across the manuscript?

All ideas appreciated!

  • Brilliant - I've just ordered it! Thanks.

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    • I think Connie's advice is spot on, and that's the one I'd go for. If I had to choose between a, b, or c though, I'd definitely choose b.

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      • Thanks Hazel. I agree with Connie's advice too, though it doesn't fit the context of my scene, so I have indeed gone with b!

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        • I'm also 1/4 through First You Write a Sentence¬†and it's excellent.

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          • It has a very human tone I think which a lot of writing books don't have so much. Or maybe it's just less business-like in the way it gives ideas and information, while at the same time providing lots of things to think about. I think it hits the right spot, anyway.

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