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I assume everyone who's competing already knows about Submittable....but maybe not. Signing up with Submittable is a good way to find suitable competitions and track your entries. You can create an account for free, and then select the categories you're interested in - e.g., Fiction Short Stories. You can also indicate whether you are looking for submissions without a fee, or whatever.

 After that, you'll get a list of opportunities - for now and later. And of course, it tracks your submissions -  what you entered/when/result... 

Apologies if this is a duplicate post...I haven't yet figured out how to search previous entries. 

  • Thank you, Constance, I didn't know this site so will def. check it out. K

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    • Bon chance, Karen!!! 

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    • Thanks for that tip. This is great!

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      • You're more than welcome, Kerry - good luck with whatever you're working on!

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      • If you sign up for their newsletter (also free), you get a regular email with a list.  

        And... I just noticed that they solicit posts for their blogs! and even pay if they publish. 600-1000 words is their preferred length. No reposts from other blogs - new material.  Read the attached link for more, and be sure to check out previous posts to get a sense of their style. Submittable Blog Posts

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