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I have a question. If I wanted to drop a chapter or two for some feedback, is it best to drop them into the files tab and post the title and location here, or is there a better way?

  • Post it as a file in the peer-to-peer critique forum:


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    • The community rules are a helpful guide for how to request feedback they are pinned to the top of the above link but just in case here is the link to them,:


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      • This was originally a critique group. I was asked to expand it to cover all scifi-fantasy because the site lacked one. It's fine to post it to the file tab here.

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        • Thank you. I read through the community rules several times and I could only find where it said to post in comments. I was hoping to be ablevto post a couple of chapters together, so I'm glad to hear I can drop them in the files tab. 

          Thanks again, and have great weekend. 

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