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Jon Dixon
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There's a really interesting piece in the Guardian today from Philip Pullman. Lots of thought-provoking wisdom and insight, as you might expect. The last few paragraphs struck me as being a really sensible view of the 'genre' debate that often crops up on here, much discussed and rarely if ever solved! What's particularly good is that, of course, Pullman approaches it from the writer's perspective.

I also very much approved of his choice for the 'most popular shelf in the library'! It was always mine too. 😁 


  • Love Philip Pullman - such a champion of literature and authors! Thanks, Jon. I'll go take a look

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    • Thanks Jon. That was a really interesting read. It’s so true that everything is driven by algorithms nowadays which tries to put a muzzle on free thought. I find that in my work and other areas of life, not just with publishing. Luckily people will always find ways to keep thinking freely and work around algorithms. Long live imagination! 

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      • Yes, I saw this too.

        I totally agree with his view on the 'labels' that books are given but unfortunately most of us have to play the game and stick to the prescribed definitions of our 'genre' if we want to get an agent and be published. If they don't know which shelf to put your book on and how to market it, it's just easier to say no. 

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        • By the way, I've just got Pullman's 'Daemon Voices: On Stories and Storytelling'. Have any of you read it? If so, what did you think?

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