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Does anyone web publish?

I put quite a lot on my own blog but also have had a few pieces published on a site called 'Spillwords' (had one yesterday https://spillwords.com/the-stone-in-the-soup/)

Quite nice to have something published on a wider forum, although one gets limited feedback.

Anyone else use this or other sites?

  • I love it! I know the story, and my son's kindergarten actually used to put a stone in their bring-your-own-veg soup-making to encourage that spirit.

    But in answer to your question, no. I'd be interested to know what the options are though.

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    • Thanks Catherine. Spillwords is the only one I'm aware of. There used to be a site called 'East of the web' which was more of a collective blog but I don't think it exists anymore.

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    • Oh, what a great poem! And interesting to find out about Spillwords. Thanks for posting.

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      • Thanks Alex.

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