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Hi everyone,

I'm sorry there have been no comments from me for a while - I've been immersed in editing a chunk of my work, and have only just got back from the 5th century. (You might have to be into history to sympathise :-))  )   I can see that numerous new members have joined the group. I'm still a relative newbie myself, but it's great to see so much enthusiasm for HF, and I'm looking forward to reading all the posts.


  • I'd love to know what you've been up to in the 5th century.

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    • Hi Catherine! All of the following - living under the threat of invasion, watching political shenanigans and dark plots by supporters of the crumbling imperial power, witnessing an assassination - not so different from today, then :-)) How's it going with you? Where are you at with the writing?

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      • Not a comfortable life then! I'm still in the early stages of my first draft and have to keep stopping for extra bits of research, but I'm feeling my way in quite nicely now.

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      • Welcome back to the future. I hope you didn't bring another plague with you. We've got enough going on.

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        • Hi Jimmy, no plagues fortunately - I arrived just late enough to miss the one which wiped out the family of one of my main characters. Getting butchered by an opponent has been the main threat, to be honest. Are you writing now? And speaking of back to the future, have you read Robert Harris's The Second Sleep, in which we're projected a couple of thousand years onwards into a dismal post-apocalyptic future? Not the most cheering reading during a pandemic, I have to say!

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