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I was browsing the Submission pages of an Irish publisher to submit my novel (I'm Irish, live in London0 and found they charge 750e to consider an MS.

What a cheek!

And they're not a vanity publisher (Liberties Press) per se, they publish the successful crime author Declan Burke.

Anyway, steer clear.


  • Thanks, Jeff. Cheeky devils

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    • It's not quite as bad as it sounds. Similar, in concept, to a JW manuscript assessment.

      Yes, it's marketed as a path to publication with them, which makes it look quite questionable. But if seen for what it is… it depends on the quality of the feedback they provide.

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      • Hi Rick,

        The difference between the publisher and Jericho is that if you pay Jericho for an MS assessment - that's exactly what you're getting. They're not dangling the idea that you'll get published. You pay X for Y service and in return get a detailed report on your MS.

        The publisher, however, is charging 750e to "consider" your MS - with no guaranteed feedback. They could simply browse your cover letter and synopsis and decide, "not for us". And all done in a half hour. Nice 750e in the bank.

        It is a corrupt practice which I've highlighted to a writers' union who said they were "delighted" I flagged this up, agreeing that the publisher is wrong.

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      • It's very questionable. Do they pay decent royalties or give decent advances? If I were going to pay that much for a manuscript assessment I would want full details of what I would be getting in return.

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        • I hear their royalties and advances are lousy and lousy.

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        • Hi everyone,

          This guide might be useful: https://jerichowriters.com/hub/get-published/

          It lists all the different routes to publication (including vanity publishing) and the pros and cons. 


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