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I've been researching HF markets to submit to. Haven't tried any of these yet, but I thought I'd share as there don't seem to be so many opportunities for HF short fiction out there:






  • I've heard of and looked at Copperfieldreview before.

    Thanks for the links! 

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    • This is brilliant, Kate, thank you. I've been focusing on sff recently but my writing (like yours) rolls over into historical too, so this is great. I'll take a look

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      • Thanks Kate, will take a look. I have lots of shorter HF ideas in my head. Though whether it’s wise to distract myself from my main HF novel-writing right now, I’m not sure

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        • I'm constantly distracting myself! Always writing other stuff that isn't my main WIP! And half the time the other stuff gets nowhere 🙄

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          • There was a while last year when I was trying to drum up the courage to start my novel. Instead, every day I went out birdwatching, I found myself writing a poem about the birds. That didn’t get anywhere either! 

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          • Fab, thanks Kate, my list has grown already! K.

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