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How are you all doing?! I am living NaNoWriMo vicariously through you all! What are your word counts? Are you finding yourselves flagging or do you still have reserves of energy? 

    • Hi, Holly, my last word count was 32,315. I have written another 2,400 words of a new chapter and need another 2,100 words to complete it. The going is getting tougher and I have practically stopped self-editing at this stage because it takes too much of my creative writing time. Will have to do a detailed self-edit in December. Still going strong and determined to clinch this 50k word count by Nov 30. Glued to my chair and boosting my energy with endless mugs of caffeine! 😀 


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      • That's fantastic! Definitely makes sense to prioritise writing then edit in more detail after the mania of November! Good luck! 

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      • I’ve written 87000 words and edited and re-edited but I still have lots to do so am hard at it.  Good luck everyone with all your projects.

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        • I'm impressed. Not something I've ever tried and if you'd endured the pain of watching my one-fingered typing, you'd understand why. Voice recognition helps, other than the huge error count.

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          • Angela, 87000 words! Wow!

            This year is my first time doing NaNo, and I'm on target. I feel a bit like I'm writing a very detailed outline. What I have is quite a lot of tell with a bit of show. I think that's okay because the detailed outline is helping me figure out which plot points really need to be there, and where foreshadowing needs to be dropped in, etc. Once NaNo is over, I'll be using my notes from Rachael Herron's fab SFoW webinar to edit. She made editing sound exciting.

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