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I'm working on a novel that I plan to set in late Roman Britain.  I'm just in the initial planning stages.

  • Hi David, Good to see you in the group. Do your Romans live in or around Oxford (I saw your photo)? I remember visiting the Roman villa at North Leigh near Witney when I was a child. I also worked in Oxford for several years. Hope you enjoy the Townhouse, Karen

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    • I'm going to focus on the region north of Hadrian's Wall into Wales with a side trip into Gaul- at least, that's the plan-

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      • I'm sorry to be a but picky, but when you say ''the region north of Hadrian's Wall into Wales'' do you mean the region north (which is Scotland), and into Wales?

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        • Not exactly- I'm thinking in terms of the ancient kingdom of Rheged- really the entire region between Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall.  Hopefully, as I write, what I mean will become clearer.  I had the opportunity to visit Wales and Scotland as far north as Kilmartin Glen just a few years ago.  I'm doing my research with the idea of getting a better picture of activity in that region in the time that will become my focus.  As I write, I look forward to constructive criticism from my peers.  I can use it.

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