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Hi All - can anyone give me any advice on how to ensure my self published book gets into the right Amazon categories. I have read so much about it I am getting confused! The categories I think I want (and which must exist as other authors have their books in them) don't actually appear anywhere in the drop down menu available on KDP?! Any advice would be most welcome. Many thanks.

  • Hi, Helen, I haven't had to do this myself yet - but it looks like no-one else has either. So for what it's worth I have heard that Amazon Customer Service can help with this.

    Also there's this - which should be a link but doesn't seem to be working as one now -

    The SECRET Method to Choosing Amazon Book Categories [2020] (kindlepreneur.com) Dave Chesson's Kindlepreneur site is an amazing resource. He's the go-to expert for this kind of thing.

    Hope this helps.

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    • Try the Kindlepreneur keywords course at Publisher Rocket its currently half price and for 20 quid you can't go wrong

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      • Thanks to Michael and Alex. I have also just discovered that category paths are different for each 'marketplace' which is a nightmare really. If your book s being sold internationally, as mine is, you're fInding up to ten category paths in each one - such a lot of work - it seems positively archaic!

        Anyway - onwards and upwards!

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