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Good afternoon Veronica. Thank you for the friends request. I am new to Jericho Writers so I am still floundering a little with the platform and having picked my way through their technical paths I hope this might reach you but then it might not. 

Your post about not being able to write anything short rang a city full of church bells for me. My issue entirely as there is almost always something worth discovering beyond the narrative of a good idea. Maybe that mind set is part of being a fantasy or faerie tale writer; Not sure? What do you think? There is the thought that another wonder is lurking if only I would take the trouble to go round that tree and see what it is.  By the way on that thought; I have had a glance at your work on Humus. Absolutely fascinating, thank you. From the earliest age I too have been consumed by the growing life that fills the garden and forests around me; While being a storyteller I spent about 10 years being a gardener to fill in the financial gaps of being self employed and found endless connections and possibility in the life of peoples back gardens; the lost corners, the uneven and the wild. Just the smell of the earth or the softness of moss is enough to spark a chapter…But returning to your point about writing nothing short, I will stop and just say thank you for the connection.