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Hi all,

Just joined and thought I’d introduce myself and see what/who is all out here. I live near London, write poetry, short stories, and flash with a few publications. I’ve written two novels but neither have been picked up so I’m rewriting/writing a third manuscript which combines the best characters and elements of the other two. I’m at the planning stage and spending time cogitating and creating my characters...

Keep smiling


  • Welcome, Anne—I just joined last week. Congratulations on your publications!

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    • Welcome to the group, Anne.

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      • Thank you - looking forward to getting involved 

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      • Welcome Anne. You’ll like it here. There is a poetry group and a short stories group amongst the various things on offer. Everyone is friendly and helpful throughout. You keep smiling too. 😀

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        • Thanks Kate,

          I’m still figuring my way around the site (and not very techie) and I’ve asked to join some groups - hoping to learn loads and connect with other writers

          Keep smiling 😊

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          • I am the least techie person here but I manage to bumble my way around and have been given loads of encouragement and advice. 

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          • Welcome Anne Looking forward to seeing you round the site.  There's a poetry group you could post on

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