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Well, that's my Christmas up the spout, then.  Still, it will be worse for many people.  At least, we can celebrate Christmas later. Plague permitting, opening presents and pulling crackers at Easter will be a hoot.

It's a fine morning, my amaryllis is in glorious bloom, and there's still time to buy a Christmas pudding.

I'm now taking the opportunity to wish my fellow members and everyone at Jericho Writers a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and successful New Year.

  • That made me smile! Happy holidays to you too

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    • If you really are going to buy a Christmas pudding, Sainsbury's and Tesco still have plenty left and at a good price. Of course, you could always try Waitrose to see if there are any 'Eston Bloomingheck ones left.

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      • Haven't heard of that one, Geoff.  Sadly, I'm not near a Waitrose.

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        • Blakeney, you can still order a Heston from Waitrose hidden orange christmas pud online if you want. (Heston is the guy who runs The Fat Duck at Bray in Berkshire). And if you do get a "By Heston" pud, then how about a large glass of a sweet Marsala Vergine DOC (Soleras) to go with it, as well as a healthy dollop of brandy butter. 

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        • Happy Christmas to you too, Blakeney, and to all the inhabitants of the Townhouse (I have a picture of us all living in separate rooms in a huge, crumbling Gothic mansion now, like the Addams Family!). I always wanted to be a member of the Addams family... they seemed so wholesome compared to the rest of us...

          I shall be spending Christmas on my own (but for Coco, my ancient and much-loved cat, who is snuggled up next to me at the moment, her snores a perfect counterpoint to the Van Morrison playing in the background). There are several Zoom calls to various friends and family booked. The fridge is stocked with all the makings of a splendid dinner, the drinks cabinet is eyeing me seductively, there's a box of liqueur chocolates next to the sofa, and a pile of logs next to the stove...

          I shall probably spend the day itself watching old movies in my pyjamas... and how those old movies got into my pyjamas I don't know... Hmmm, no, the old Groucho joke doesn't really work if it's not an elephant in the pyjamas... anyway...

          Happy Christmas, and here's to the New Year. Good f*cking riddance to the old one! May 2021 surprise us all by being a good year!

          🎄 🌲🎉 🍹 🍗 🌲 🎄 💕 

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          • 😄

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            • Haha, you too, Jon. Sounds like the perfect day to me.

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            • We didn’t need to buy a pudding. Found one left over from last year in the garage. Still in date, they last forever. Quite agree with Jon’s good f***king riddance to the old one. So many family gatherings we have had to miss out on this year. Hopefully at Easter we can do a Christmas/81st/51st birthdays do as the 80th and 50th didn’t happen. However shit this year has been though there were good glimmers, I joined JW for a start! So focus on the good bits and stick 2 fingers up at the rest of it. Happy Christmas and a healthy, safe and productive new year to all of you.

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              • Brilliant. Back at ya, Blakeney. We're umming and arring about what to do with my Dad Christmas day. He's always spent it with us, and we're in his support bubble, but what with our busy lives, we are a risk to him. Don't like the idea of him being alone though.

                In the meantime I have loads of bloody decorating to do. Not how I want to be spending my break but there you go.

                I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas and not let this situation ruin things.

                Cheers. Clink clink. 🥂

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                • I'm sure you'll be able to sort out some form of contact for your Dad, Jimmy, even if you don't see him in person.  I hope you won't be decorating on Christmas Day!

                  I got my Christmas pudding, although it's too big.  It might take me three or four days to get through it .

                  Cheers to you, too.😊 

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                  • Getting a bit fed up of the Hokey Cokey tiers now. Our plans were scuppered with a sudden move to tier 4. But I have discovered they would have been scuppered anyway. Daughter in law is a teacher and a colleague in her school bubble has just had a positive test result so daughter in law now has to isolate and our visit would have had to be cancelled. Clearly not meant to be. The over-eating starts today!

                    Have a good one, all. x

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                    • Stay safe, stay happy, stay full.

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                    • Here's wishing you all a happy and healthy season and yes, please, please, can things turn a corner and get better after this pretty awful year!

                      As to puddings, there's nothing like a proper old-fashioned home made recipe (breadcrumbs instead of flour, fruit soaked in brandy before it's mixed).  However, I find myself baking less and less these days, on the assumption that if I bake/steam it, I'll also eat it.  Generally, it's best if I go for a walk instead.  Still, it is Christmas, so maybe just a little with some port.  Cheers everyone!

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                      • I hope you all managed to have a good time, however you spent it.  I now have to work out a way of getting through several boxes of sweet goodies by self-rationing.(not easy).

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