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Hi there. Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as restrictions allowed.

I’m letting my manuscript rest at the moment before editing and think I need another writing outlet in the interim.

I quite fancy having a crack at a short story and wondering if anyone had recommendations of competitions with deadlines in January or February?

I haven’t written one for about twenty years so have zero expectations but think a submission deadline will focus my mind.

Thanks in advance. 

    • If you write crime, the CWA Margery Allingham short story prize is open for entries until 26 Feb 2021. Details on link.

      If you fancy something shorty short, I have just posted about the NAWG 100 word flash comp over on the Writing Competitions group.

      Good luck!

      CWA Margery Allingham short story comp

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      • Chris Fielden's page is a good source of competitions.


        Is there a particular genre you prefer writing in?

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        • I find this a good source.
          But also, as Kate mentioned, the Christopher Fielden one is useful.

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          • Good one, Jimmy. I’d not seen that before.

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          • I'm currently crafting something for the mogford prize. https://www.mogfordprize.co.uk/ which I heard about here in the townhouse competition group. deadline is January 13th and the prize is ... well, daunting to say the least. good luck!

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            • Thanks all. Sorry for delay in response. My time had gradually been stolen as tier restrictions tipped over into lockdown. Children are running my life! So I've decided to use my limited time to put together an editorial plan for my manuscript instead. Good luck to those submitting.

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              • Shameless plug if you like your stories VERY short - I have a Six Word Story contest running - its FREE to enter, and includes a $100 prize and chance of publication. I run the contest to get more people into writing - even if you only start with six words...

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