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I've got my work saved onto Onedrive, but unfortunately not sure how I can attach a chapter as link onto this group. I've tried to copy and paste the URL but that doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • I think you use the chain link icon.

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    • The file may be "saved to onedrive," but it is still physically on your computer. So you can upload it as you would any other local file. (On here, it depends which part of teh site and where you're trying to post, as different bits work in completely different ways.)

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      • I had mine saved in onedrive and managed to post it. The problem is it was total trial and error and I can’t remember how I did it so next time I do it it will take me just as long. I have noticed that onedrive seems to act differently on different devices. The reason I use it is so I can access my stuff from the computer or the iPad depending who else is using the computer. Try it from a different gadget. Sorry, not very helpful from a complete tech muppet but if I managed it, I’m sure you will. Good luck.

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        • I've never tried Onedrive, but... 

          Is there a share button or menu item for sharing on the Onedrive website?

          Linking directly to files in online storage might be seen as a security risk, but sharing could do something different on their site, like flag the file as available where otherwise it'd be locked behind their passwords and other protections?

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