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May I introduce myself as a newly active member of Townhouse and this group? 

I write in the Historical Fantasy genre; a medieval world in the style of Guy Gavriel Kay (e.g. The Lions of Al-Rassan) with touches of George RR Martin (Game of Thrones). I hope members will forgive me positioning myself alongside literary greats; it helps to show where I'm aiming.

I have a completed 110k word ms in this genre and am working on the sequel. The current elevator pitch for the completed ms is:

'Raised by a pagan grandmother, sent to a nunnery for loving a priest, and forced to flee as a boy; Adelais van Vries is either adored as an angel or hunted as a witch. Both may be true.'

Looking forward to interacting and contributing where I can help.

  • Welcome! Sounds intriguing.

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    • like it. 

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      • Hmmm, not read anything by him beyond Fionavar Tapestry. 

        Any good?


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