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Anyone struggling to watch recorded webinars and classes? Just me?  Download speed available is good but I keep getting frozen out...

  • I haven't had your problem - yet - but I do have to log in in a roundabout way. When I try 'Log in' from the home page I am told that the page can't be found. I think there must be a gremlin in the works.

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    • Thanks Helen. I'm hoping Navigation, including a good search, will be part of Jericho site and Townhouse in '21. I know Harry did a show and tell webinar or masterclass as I started it, and now I can't find it for the life of me!    

      The videos failing is a big issue for me as I'm systematically working through the ones that address my faults - chiefly narrative 'distance' from the heart of the character and action - and stuff like Debi A's session on 'Psychic Distance' is something I really want to watch but cannot.  It stops, resolutely, within minutes.   

      Video's failing is usually a problem with the user's internet speed but mine is very good indeed. I stream everything else with no problem in HD. I'll have to ask the good people at Jericho about it as I tried again today and I suspect (but don't know) that the site has got busier and the servers at their end are struggling. A good thing if Jericho are getting popular!😊 

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