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Greetings, Fellow Earthlings and Otherwoldlings!

My genre is erotic fiction, and a good part of my work so far is erotic science fiction or erotic horror. I'd love to read folks' stuff if you want to drop it on me. I have some works I can share with y'all, as long or short a snippet as you'd care to give me your opinion on. The premises of stories I'd love feedback on:

* Erotic SF - "Founders" - A NASA doctor is chosen for the first colony mission to Mars along with eleven extraordinary women (113,000 ww so far).

* Erotic SF - "Cacatata" - The friendship between a woman and a non-humanoid alien turns into love (2,695 ww).

* Erotic Horror - "Pseudopod" - A female exobiologist, humanity's first encounter with alien life, and the terrible ecstasy that erupts from it (4,715 ww).

* Erotic Horror - "My Ripening" - Sequel to Pseudopod. A girl begins service in a future last vestige of humanity ruled by terrible ecstasy (4,585 ww).

It's likely that the first $$ manuscript I'll write will be in the Erotic Science Fiction, Erotic Horror, or Erotic Fantasy genres, though I am also fond of Erotic YA Mystery Parody (think Nancy Drew + funny + erotic), Erotic Historical Fiction, and Erotic Espionage genres.