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Oh well, and a cake too 😁 

Hi all! / Bonjour! / Privet!

2020 was... an amazing year for me personally! First lockdown in France kicked me into the deep reflection mood. And I finally managed to silence a self-doubt monster. We were waltzing around for 15 years, my longest relationship. Anyways, I decided to get serious about writing and to aim at getting published.

I write female-driven stories. Literary fiction and noir are my genres. Stereotyping and stigmatising are themes I love to explore and play around with. At the moment, I'm digging deep into the "childless egoist" label society plasters on women. 

Currently in the pipeline: I finished a short story which I'm adapting into an animated short film script. Short screenplay is in the works along with a podcast script. An outline for a noir novel is here too. 

Seems like a lot, but 1) I can't focus on one thing (impossible, I tried everything) and 2) I wasted to much time already!

Happy to be here! Looking forward to everything ))   

  • I’m pleased to meet you Victoria. I am very impressed at all you’ve got done. I too find it impossible to focus on one thing but it doesn’t mean I get lots of things done, only started or dreamed about! Perhaps I should try your trick and have coffee with my wine! Welcome to the Townhouse. We’re all a little nuts but lovely.😀

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    • I'm pleased to meet you too, Kate! Well, dreaming is also a huuuuuuuge part of my routine 😁 I'm looking around the Townhouse and I love what I'm seeing! 

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    • Welcome Victoria! Coffee and wine for me would be like getting on the up and down escalator at the same time.

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      • Thank you! Haha, well coffee doesn't have an energising effect on me, so I devour 5 cups/daily. Perhaps, it's my Armenian part: I guess we all got coffee infusion at our birth. 

        Now, wine is the other story 😁 

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      • Hi Victoria

        Your work on the "childless egoist" label sounds very interesting, look forward to reading more about it on here!

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        • Hi Alison, 

          Thank you! The topic of stereotyping is very interesting for me, I love exploring it through my own experiences and stories I heard from my friends.  

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          • Bonjour! (That's about the extent of my French, apologies if I mis-advertised myself)

            Welcome to the Townhouse! I'm relatively new too, and started with the coffee and cake. I progressed to wine in the evening, though.

            This is a brilliantly diverse and wonderful place to visit. Everyone here is very helpful and knowledgeable. I look forward to hearing more about your projects, they sound extremely interesting.

            Good luck,


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            • Hi Rachel!

              Yes, I'm already enjoying the atmosphere of the Townhouse! Looking forward to finding more and connect with writers. 

              Good luck with your projects too! 

              PS: wine in the evening, yeah! 

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