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Hi I am an absolute beginner and have written a few short stories, is this forum suitable for my level?

If anyone is interested in looking at work by a complete newly please let me know.


  • This is the place! We're all learning. Don't be shy. -- Michael (joined in Dec. 2020)

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    • Hi Leah, 

      I've been writing for a while but I’m very definitely a beginner (joined last month like Michael)  and I know I have a lot to learn. If you need help, there’s usually someone who will assist. At the minute I’m working my way through the video courses and all the resources. I haven’t posted any of my own writing yet 😲🤔


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      • Hi Leah. This forum is suitable for all levels. As Michael said, we're all learning, and will never stop.

        There's a very nice bunch here, and I'm sure we'd all be willing to help in any way. If you want to learn, you've come to a good place, even if you're not yet ready to share your work, you can read all the other feedback that is given and absorb it all.

        But, by all means, put your brave hat on and throw your work out there.

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        • Hi, I'm a complete newbie too, and very happy to have a look at something.  Don't pick me if you're in a rush for feedback though, I take my time, as I'm new to critiquing as well and want to do a decent job of it.

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