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Hello All!

I'm new to the site and still just barely poking around at all the resources available here. I was a bestselling author of nonfiction back in the day.

It would be good to meet you. I am a happy reader of several pages of what you've got and giving it my honest feedback. One thing I've mastered in life is not letting the word NO stop me, so if you are feeling all beat up by rejections, contact me, and I will be happy to help you get your head straight to keep pursuing what you love.

When I was pushed out of the startup I'd founded in March of 2019, I realized it had so consumed me for the previous two decades that I was unused to thinking or dreaming about anything else. For the rest of 2019, I didn't feel like creating anything; I was just too shell-shocked. By January of 2020, I was itching to create something, anything, but was still uninterested in pursuing my conventional areas of expertise. I thought to myself, "What's the most opposite hobby I can have from my former startup?" The idea I came up with was, "I'm going to write me some porn!" I'd tried my hand at fiction prose in college and blah. First surprise when I pursued my wacky idea was that I LOVED IT. The characters jumped off the page, told me what to do, and if I misbehaved, would do unspeakable things to me. They needed to live, find love, do what was honest for them, and actualize themselves. 500,000 words of online content later, here I am in a new year. My friends, those few who know my new secret obsession, are of the sort that ask, "Could you monetize that?" Being of strong belief that people should do what they love for a living, I've decided to give it a serious look. And here I am.

I have virtually no clue how good my stuff is and would love to have you give me your honest opinion on a sample as large or small as you'd care to assess for me. People don't leave many comments on the sites I post to, but all of my stories are getting upwards of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Literotica, so I'm guessing my stuff is not beyond salvage. I did some modules of the "Getting Published" video course, and I'd wager strongly some of those easy prose tightening methodologies would work gangbusters for my content.

Speaking of prose tightening, I've written a quick-and-dirty word frequency analysis utility for my own use. After watching these video courses, I definitely want to write some code that will point out the longest sentences in my stories. Also, I was thinking of trying to come up with a content versus filler analyzer to identify sentences containing the highest ratio of filler words to interesting words. If you want to be a guinea pig for that one, contact me, and I can hook you up.

My basic plan is to come up with all-new content to publish for $$ using the excellent premise creation advice given in the aforementioned course. I obsessively pump out around 50,000 words a month, so if I devote 25,000 of those words to my new $$ project, I'll still have 25,000 words left over to feed my click habit. Seriously, the hardest thing for me will be to resist posting my $$ stuff because I'm such a click-whore. If there's a click-whores anonymous group up here anywhere, please point me to it.