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Smutty Terms Survey: Vulva

Please rank these terms from best to worst in the parentheses after “Rank.” If any of these terms are jarring or offensive to you, please note that in the parentheses after “Emotions.” Optionally, if they evoke any other emotions, please note them. Finally, at the bottom, please propose any alternate terms you’d propose in the parentheses after “Write-In Candidates.”

Self/Implied*         Rank ()          Emotions ()

Privates                Rank ()          Emotions ()

Vulva                    Rank ()          Emotions ()

Genitals                Rank ()          Emotions ()

Beaver                  Rank ()          Emotions ()

Sex                       Rank ()          Emotions ()

Write-In Candidates ()

*e.g. “She spread herself for him with her fingers”

Example filled-out survey (not my real opinion):

Breasts          Rank (5)          Emotions (Suicidal)

Bust              Rank (6)          Emotions (Sexy)

Bosom          Rank (1)          Emotions (Ennui)

Boobs           Rank (3)          Emotions (Jarring)

Knockers      Rank (4)          Emotions (Offensive)

Tits               Rank (2)          Emotions (Glee)

Write-In Candidates (whompers, cans, bazookas, charlies, jugs)