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We are Jo.

Jo – short for Josephine – is our preferred pseudonym.

We are a (happily) married couple. He mostly writes scientific papers, she is a published novelist. She writes in Italian. English is not our native tongue, so creative writing in English was initially just a divertissement, and the idea of completing a novel – let alone publishing it – was a far cry from our expectations. Then something happened, and – in Jo’s analytic mind – the probability of getting published stepped up dramatically, from one in a million to, say, one in a thousand.

So here we are. One in a thousand is not so bad. And creative writing in English is so fun! We are looking forward to meeting you all. 

Jo is not just a pen name. When Jo writes, she shows her distinctive personality and her signature style, mixing and merging creatively our writing styles and our discussions and our Weltanschauung.

Jo is us.


  • Nice to meet you Jo. 🙂

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    • English is not my native language either. First drafts aren't a problem - it's fun! - but editing is. Also, my native language - Russian - is very descriptive and we loooooooooove long sentences. So to keep everything compact and condensed is another (HUGE) challenge. 

      And yet I'm determined to get published one day :) 

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      • Hi Victoria

        thank you for your comment. Actually, you are lucky. There is at least one famous author who wrote in English and whose first tongue was Russian: Vladimir Nabokov. Joseph Conrad knew Russian as well - although his first tongue was Polish, I think - and he was a great innovator of English creative writing. So, you can have hope... and this gives hope to me, as well. The difficulties of writing in Engish for non-native speakers may seem overwhelming, but they are well-defined (essentially, we need a good copy-editor). The advantages seem non-existent at first sight, but I believe we do have a few...

        I see from your profile you write hilarious and ironic female-driven short stories, and I'd really like to read one of them. Can you send it?

        Thank you in advance



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        • Hi Jo! Thank you for your feedback, Yup, I'm in a good company ))

          Reg. my short stories: that's actually funny, because when I write them in Russian - they are ironic, but when I write the same story in English it's DRAMA all the way. I don't know, why! 

          Atm I'm digging deep into "childless egoist" label society plasters on women. And it's not funny... But I do hope my writing can help both parties to understand each other better. 

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