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Here's something for all the crime peeps out there.


  • Hummmm under submissions they say, "...author bio of no more than 200 words"  Then under guidelines, "an author bio of more than 200 words".  I'm not too convinced that they are well on top of things especially since those two lines can be read on the same page.  Perhaps further investigation is in order.   I am going to ask how high their "high ebook royalties" are.  I have one publisher that claims they pay over 75%.

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    • Well spotted. I hadn't looked at both. You're right, it's not a good sign.

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      • They've now corrected it, and the marketing manager will receive 20 lashes from the slush pile.

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      • According to Companies House, Northodox Press is owned by Thomas J Keane and is a Limited company, incorporated on 17th Aug 2020.  Reg'd address is 8 Maiden Greve, Malton. Fellow directors are Thomas O'Connor (Sheffield) and Tom Ashton (Barrow).

        So definitely a boa-fide company and could be a breath of fresh air.  However, they should let their copy editor loose on the website to fix the typos - at least two others found during a quick run-through.  Early days, I guess.  Give them a chance, I say.

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