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Hey all! For my new years resolution I'm trying to be more active on here, so wanted to say hi properly. 

I'm Hazel, I write urban or low fantasy -  akin to Holly Black or Melissa Albert. I admit I find high fantasy quite hard to read, although I really adore well developed places and worlds!

I have also written cyberpunk/sci fi short stories that have been published in a few anthologies.

I live in Oxfordshire, but grew up in Norfolk, where my current fantasy WIP is based. I have a day job as a marketing copywriter (not in publishing, sadly) and have worked as a creative writing teacher both freelance and in a school, an editor and in publishing / at literary agencies

I'd love to hear from some of you and to get some great conversations going. 😊

  •  Hi Hazel, and welcome!

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    • Welcome back, Hazel. Nice area, Norfolk. I spent a lot of time there a few years ago, based in Bircham Newton.

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      • Hey Jimmy and Jon! Lovely to hear from you both. What do you write? And how long have you been crafting?

        @Jimmy, aaah- I spent my childhood near Crimes, so less fen-like and more stuck in the water-drenched pits of the broads. Did you enjoy it there?

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        • Hi Hazel, nice to meet you! I'm Rachel, and I'm a big SF and Fantasy fan. I've started writing my own urban fantasy series, and I'm working towards sending out my query letters later this year.

          My Dad's side of the family is from Norfolk, so I know parts of it fairly well, although I've not been back for quite a while!

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