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I am new to self-publishing. I have a finished novel and considered joining a marketing team to help with self-publishing on platforms such as amazon. My question is does anyone in this forum have experience with companies like Self-Publishing School or other companies?  Thank you

  • Hello,

    I'd never heard of Self-Publishing School, so I went on their website to have a look. There was an invitation to do some kind of survey to find out what kind of author you'd like to be, so being curious I took it. However, I noticed that in order to proceed I had to enter my email address and a phone no.

    The tick box method of moving from one page to another made it simple to follow, but I found that the last page I opened had only very limited choices as to how to proceed in order to receive my 'score', so to speak. 

    The nearest option to what I'd like to do was phrased something like, "Become a successful full time author". This isn't my ambition, but was the only option that was anywhere close to my actual wish. Anyway, in order to finish the survey I clicked that option. 

    I then received an email from them telling me to phone for an appointment with one of their salesmen. Now I don't know about you, but I don't like being pressured in any way to buy anything, so I deleted the email. I then received another one, and another, all of which I deleted. 

    So far they seem to have given up, and I hope that's the last I hear from them, as it seems to me that their 'survey' was quite simply a sprat to catch a mackeral, and I don't like being treated like a fish to be played.

    Others may find that the SPS approach is just what they want, and I wish them well. However, for me it wasn't what I wanted, and I won't be dealing with them again.

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