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Please can someone advise how to attach my first short story. I can't seem to add a pdf and if I copy and paste the story all my formatting is messed up. Where do you recommend I store the file to provide link to it.

Thanks, Leah 

  • Just use a word document :)

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    • on the link icon it asks for a "link" (URL) and i can't see a function to add word docs.

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      • This is down to how you post, Leah.

        Here, you've used a "feed item," (Don't worry, the terminology doesn't actually make any sense; it's not just you.)

        To post with an attachment, you want a "Forum post." For that, from the main menu, select "Forums," then from the menu under the banner, "New." There, you will be able to add a file. Also, your post will be openable in a stand-alone page so easier for everyone to interact with.

        The why of this…?

        Some questions were never intended to be answered.

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        • Thanks for getting back to me. Even following your directions I am only given the option to add URLs and not to attach files.

          I've emailed the helpdesk and hopefully they can help me through the process.

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          • OK, my bad. It's Forums > Add (because nothing here makes sense). Attach file using the button I've circled below.


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          • Hi, 

            On the main page if you click on "forum", then click on "Add" located under the Jericho banner. On the next page you'll have "Topic", "Category", "Text" under the text box there will be 5 blue icons and the fourth one is to add a file.

            The click "submit" to post.

            Hope this helps.

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