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Hi everyone, at last I can announce that I have self published my second novel, and it is now for sale on Amazon. BOY PEELING FRUIT is a painting by the artist, Caravaggio, and brings together the past and the present in my crime/thriller book. Mostly set in Rome, but also in a small village on the outskirts of Chester, Cheshire. It is a completely different genre to my first novel, A GRAVE INHERITANCE, which is a time slip historical novel. I struggled to self publish to be honest. Thank goodness for my daughter, Joanne, who help with the formatting and designed my cover. I'm so happy I could burst. I would like to put a photo of my book on here for you to see, but I'm not sure how to do it. So bear with me while I give it a go. I have a severe eye disability which limits the time I can spend getting words on to paper or my laptop. I write everything in my head first, and thank goodness for a good memory. I am considering investing in a dictating app, and I wondered if any members could recommend one. 

  • Huge congratulations on publishing your second novel, Anne. I'm intrigued as I was raised in Cheshire, not too far from Chester! It is a great feeling to put something out there. Enjoy! 👏

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    • Congratulations, Anne.  I wish you all the best with it.  I live in Cheadle, Cheshire (Some say Greater Manchester, but I'm not having any of that!).  I love Chester and visit often.

      If you have the latest version of Word on your computer, it already has 'Dictate' built in.  I have tried it and it works well, even with my Northern accent.  I'd try that before splashing out on anything else.  At least it is straight into a Word document you can work with.

      Good luck with the book!👍 

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      • It must be customized for your Northen accent, Andy! I tied it with my Home Counties accent and it can out as indecipherable gobbledegook.

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      • Congrats Anne! I write thrillers too, as yet unpublished, and have references to some of the great works of art in my books but not to the point of being on the cover. 

        Best of luck with it!


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        • Congratulations Anne! That's a huge achievement, well done! Good luck with it 🤞🍀

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          • Well done, Anne. My last book was set in Rome though not a thriller. I love the city.

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