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I wrote, but forgot to post a poem yesterday, and I've written another one today, and although I tried to post them earlier, they don't seem to have appeared. So I'll try to post them up again, and hope that this time they appear.

First the poem for March Third.




The flickering light ignites the night
the strobing darkness hurts the eye
when from the shadows spring the bright
and warming glows that elicit sighs
of wonder and of great delight
from all who see them in the sky

the tiny insects flash together
why we never really know but
when they do it's one of nature's
greatest shows they can put on
when mating season comes around
across the great and wild unknown
the males all gather in one place to
show the females where they are

but only in two or three locations
does this yearly show appear
where all the males will flash together
as though the trees have Christmas lights
but in the Spring and not in Winter
does this yearly show take place
and when it does the tourists flock
to film the lights from God's own grace

for mysteries like this abound
I sometimes wonder why we fear
such things that nature spreads around
to give us cause to wish to gather
in one place to wait and see if
whales or gloworms will perform
their party tricks for us tonight


And now today's little ditty, which is about people's obsession with numbers.


The magic of numbers


March fourth, May fifth, June sixth and July seventh
have something in common which I won't hide
they're all in the first line of this poem
so ponder that when you have time

the magic of numbers for all to see
when you pick them they could be
the lotto numbers that you choose
to make you rich one day perhaps
so let the numbers bubble up
they'll tell of gains and handicaps
just like tea leaves in your cup

boil your kettle and brew your tea
then pour to find what fate has chosen
if you want to keep your options
your beverage should now be frozen
then in future you can reopen
the archives showing the path you chose
so you can recall when important
your motives that are now disclosed

numbers can guide you through your life
they're not just random in the ether
when arranged in a certain order
it seems in truth they can deliver
if sometimes for worse and some for better
then what are the odds we should consider?