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Hi everyone, I've new here.  I have nearly finished the second draft of my first novel which I'm hoping is marginally better than the awful first version.  I would love some feedback on the first 10,000 words.  Would anyone be interested in a feedback swap?  Thanks, Laura

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    • Thanks Rob, really appreciate your offer.  I'll email it over later.  

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    • Hi Laura, welcome. Yes, I would be interested in swapping the first 10,000 words. I write what is probably cozy crime (though I’m not sure about labels) as most of the deaths happened in the past. Is that something you are ok with?
      best, Georgina 

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      • Thanks Georgina, yes that sounds great. (I'm not sure about genre labels either!)

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      • Cool. If we swap emails we can decide what format we want to use. I have used Google docs with a friend but that gets trying, so a straight WORD doc might be better. What do you like? 

         My email address is: flyfizzi@gmail.com 

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        • A word doc is great.  I'll email you a bit later when I've got the children in bed!

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        • Hi Laura

          I'd be interested in swapping the first 10,000 words with you, if you need more takers. Mine is a commercial family mystery with magical realism - not crime per se. If you have enough readers at the moment, then put me down for later on! 

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          • Hi Alison,

            I've sent you a PM (Private Message). Did you see it? It should be on your Messenger: click your photo profile / name on top of this page, click on Messenger to open it, my message should be visible on the left column, click on it to open and read. You can reply below it at bottom.

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            • Hi Donna 

              I've seen it now and replied - thank you!

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            • Hello Laura,

              I'd be happy to feedback swap; if you're still looking for further swappees, pls e-mail me to jvallikari@yahoo.co.uk 

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