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Hello fellow poisoners, stranglers, stabbers, and bludgeoners.

I'm writing a cozy mystery with ghosts and a connecting thread of brain differences, and would like to swap chapters for mutually supportive feedback. I have some recent experience in sourcing book cover design and I’m building a file of marketing and promotion ideas/resources if anyone wants to chat about those. I’m also putting together a Murder Mystery Readers website and looking for articles/resources/jokes/ideas that are of interest to such readers. Here’s a joke I adapted earlier: How does a mystery writer screw in a lightbulb? with a surprise twist at the end.

If you rather a private chat, here’s my email: fliers@ntlworld.com

  • Hi Heather, that all sounds terrific. I’m on for some chapter swapping. I have also agreed to do some swapping elsewhere, but I’m hoping that the more new eyes I have the better I’ll be.

    I’m bound to have questions about the website but not yet. Georgina 

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    • Website questions welcome. Once we get past the building blocks, I'll be canvassing murder book reader groups for what they want the content to be.

      Send first chapter to my email please and I will send mine by return. I work on a system of highlighting the positive.

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    • I was hungry.
      I said 'I could murder a bowl of cornflakes'.
      Now they're saying I'm a cereal killer.

      Be interested to see the website.

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      • Website: Right now, getting the basics right so that its ready to add content. Last thing I want to do is drive readers toward it before there is enough to keep their interest.

        I've never written content for a website before, so hoping the group will pitch in with their suggestions and improvements.

        And, anyone who writes an article can include details of their book.

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      • I’ve stabbed and drowned 3 different characters, and badly beaten a man and pushed him down the stairs. All in a days work when you’re a writer. Oh the joy! My first novel - A Grave Inheritance (a time slip mystery) has two ghosts, a mother and daughter. My second novel - Boy Peeling Fruit is also available on Amazon now (a crime thriller with a touch of the historical), and more sculduggery. 

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        • Skulduggery and mixed genres seem to be what readers want. And who can blame them for wanting lively deaths.

          Great title: A Grave Inheritance. Reminds me of a quote I once heard referring to an old curmudgeon who'd regularly threaten to disinherit the disobedient relatives - they said he was will rattling.

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          • I like that, - will rattling. 

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          • A Murder Mystery Reader website sounds like a good idea ! This thread also looks like a lot of fun already.

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            • Hello Heather,

              I am a newbie to this genre although published in other genres. I'd love to join in and swap chapters, please.

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