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Hi folks. Just self-published the second novel in my Nick Fisher series of intelligent (I hope!) crime thrillers set in Crete Please let me know what you think. Thank you!

  • My perception (obviously – and perceptions like people will vary) – based on the cover alone (not your comments) I’d expect:

     The sea to feature in the story somehow.

    There to be a central (and unpleasant) secret that is uncovered

    The book to have a serious tone

    A male protagonist

    A potential for great danger, possibly death

    Overall, the moody atmosphere, the sea imagery, and the tag line would be enough to make me (a lover of the murder genre) read the blurb. I’d buy if the blurb or first pages hooked me.

    I hope that's helpful.

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    • Thanks, Heather. Your reaction is pretty much what I hoped for. If you’re interested, you can read the blurb here and see how close your perceptions were!


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    • Place for me is massively important. For example, I read all the Ann Cleeves series because they were set in Shetland. I have a friend who is obsessed by Crete so I’ll tell her about and see what she says.

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      • Thanks, Georgina. I live in Crete most of the time, and I’ve tried to create a true Cretan atmosphere in the books. I’d be very interested in what your friend thinks of them. Kind of you to pass on.

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      • Have you seen this article in the Jericho library (free to members and non members): 


        He has some very useful ideas on cheap/free promotions.

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        • Wow. That’s an exciting story from Tim. I’ve done some of the same things but I can’t write at his speed and not sure I want to. I have a website and a steadily growing newsletter group, I’ve been using carefully targeted Facebook ads and just started with Amazon ads too. I’m on Goodreads. I’ve also run promotions (a Countdown) and a RobinReads ad that was successful. I do feel that some momentum is starting to build but I’m not sure how much is organic and how much is advertising. It’s been an interesting journey over the last six months but I have plenty still to learn.    Thanks for the feedback, Heather.

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          • I particularly like Tim's idea about a promotion based around signed copies of a print of the book cover. With short runs of printing being so cheap these days (I used to work in a printers) it could be an item of value to 'fans' but not cost the author too much (print + envelope and stamp).

            But it sounds like you're doing all the right things, and I agree with you on Tim's speed.

            I like your beginning (even though I hate a prologues). If that diving helmet is real, have you thought about contacting the manufacturer's publicity department - they might mention your book in their newsletter.

            And as Georgina hints, groups/clubs with an interest in Crete might also be good to get in touch with.

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            • The helmet-style face masks are real enough but the vendor Is not. I’ve inveigled myself into a few Facebook groups full of Crete lovers so we are thinking along similar lines! All good ideas, thank you. I’m not a great fan of prologues either, but I felt it was the right way to handle it this time.

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            • Congratulations Alex... I just downloaded The Unforgiving Stone on my Kindle, and I'm looking forward to the treat this evening... 

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              • Well, I hope that’s what it turns out to be, then! Do let me know what you think. Thanks, Jo.

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