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Hi Harry, 

I often find meaningful causality the make or break in a novel and I'm super hot on it in my own -- at least I try to be.

But I'm reading a newly published novel at the moment. I think it has a fair bit of marketing behind it, it will be a BBC Between the Covers read and I believe it is the author's third book, the first two being reasonably successful. But, oh, hell, the causality is so terribly bad. It's actually a lovely story in many ways -- and it is such a terrible story in many ways. And perhaps many readers won't notice the causality issues (although I'm sure they will subconsciously) but I'm struggling to get past the inconsistencies, the deus ex machina, the stretch of my suspension of disbelief so far that it snapped after about two chapters. It is so terribly written.

I guess my question is, how did this get published? How? How? How?

Why didn't the editor pick up on the issues??????? (small homage to Terry Pratchett there)

(I'm not going to name and shame, I don't think that is a nice thing to do)

Just wondering how such a book got published.