Feed Item

 :) I'm desperate to throw this one in the bin, but I'm trying to learn from my reading (in this case what not to do) and I'm aware I could all too easily throw quite a number of them in the bin, sadly.

I have to say, though, this was commercial fiction, rather than literary. I think they sailed in with a great pitch and forgot the rest.

When I started reading to learn, I thought most books (especially best sellers) would be of a certain standard. How could they even get out the door without super tight plot and characterisation? Now I find so many books have at least one element missing -- an underdeveloped plot, inconsistencies, something left dangling at the end that was part of the promise of the premise, or even in some cases the story no having basic story form. It seems there are only a few humdingers out there, and these are such gems.