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@Sarah and JW Team, and Tes too: Tes' thoughtful presentation of his talk yesterday evening was inspiring. Thanks for the great content and all the effort.  

I expect a number of people have thoughts on how improve the technical delivery next time round but here is my suggestion: 

1. pre-record Tes' "talk" on video, either to camera or in conversation with Sarah (for example); broadcast it at the scheduled time, in place of streaming the live video and

2. follow the broadcast with live Q&A using the Chat function and audio, as you did last night. Maybe a 40m/20m split for talk/Qs.

  • I signed up for this, but unfortunately missed it as I live in a totally incompatible timezone and slept through... 😦 

    So if there could be capacity for such content to be recorded and available to members afterwards - for those of us who just can't make the 'live' versions at 2am on a workday! - that would be fab.

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    • Good point, Emmaloo - with JW's fabulously global reach, it makes sense. Hopefully, JW Team, you can consider this before the next Tes Talk!

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      • Having now experienced one, I'm going to add my voice to the call for pre-recording. Tes' bandwidth isn't up to streaming video - we could only get audio when he stopped the video.

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        • I have to say Tes is a great asset to JW, and such parts of the two conversations that I have managed to hear have been extremely helpful. Alas, I only got 15 mins from this last one and had an error code that suggests the streaming service was at fault, despite countless reloading and signing in attempts. Please, before doing the next ones, could you record the last to and stream them as Audio with slides rather than trying the video again. I know it is nice to see live critiques of our own works, but it just doesnt seem worth it at present.

          I think his series will be a wonderful resource to have in the library for later use. 

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          • I agree, there were fantastic pointers but I think there's quite a bit of information I just didn't hear. Between my dodgy connection and his, listening to the talk was quite challenging.

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            • Good point, Giselle.  Unfortunately, I missed the talk but have had the same problem hearing the audio in the masterclasses, apart from of the hosts.

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