About your writing community

Here at Jericho Writers, we believe that writing should be social.

Gone are the days where writers were forced into windowless sheds and only allowed out once they had created a masterpiece. As writers ourselves, we know that writing can be messy and difficult. And who better to help you get through the downs, and celebrate the ups, than friends who are going through the exact same thing?

A community created for you

We’ve built the Community as a free-of-charge platform to be inclusive of all writers.

It’s a safe space to share your thoughts on the industry, to make friends in similar genres, and to even swap work with.

Best of all, the Community can be tailored specifically to you. Want to send a private message, or keep your work away from public eyes? Then you can do that. Want to shout to the world about a new book you have coming out? Then you can do that, too!

Built by Jericho Writers

Jericho Writers is a club created specifically for writers like you. We believe that all writers should have access to professional courses, industry insights and opportunities – whether that is a free platform like this Community, or part of our innovative Membership.

As well as video courses, masterclasses and feature interviews with leading experts, the Jericho Writers membership features regular live webinars and AgentMatch – the world’s biggest agent search tool.

We also connect writers with the best editors and tutors with our gold-standard Editorial Services, Tutored Courses and Events.

But don’t take it from us. Take a look at just some of the writers we have worked with over the last thirteen years who have landed publishing deals or have gone on to self-publishing success.

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Do you have to pay to use the Community?

No - Your Community is completely free to use. All we ask is that you abide by our terms and keep the space inclusive and constructive to all writers.

Do you have to be a member of Jericho Writers to use the Community?

No – although many writers who use the Community are members. It’s a great space to chat about the latest Jericho film, upcoming webinar, or connect with one of our team about an idea you have for the future.

Will my posts be searchable by Google?

Before you post in the Community, you will be given the option to either keep things private, or make them public – including your profile. You can control the settings so that only you can see something, or only your Community friends, or the whole world. If you choose ‘Public’, your posts will be searchable using search engines such as Google – perfect for any big announcement posts!

See our Privacy page for more details about your data.

Can I use the Community as a blog?

Yes - Customise your profile and add Posts as often as you like. Other writers also have the ability to Follow your updates, so you can keep the world updated.

Can I send private messages in the community?

Yes - Once you and another writer have accepted each other as friends, you can send private instant messages to each other. You can also add more than one person to these.

IM not your thing? Then create a private sub-space and invite the people you trust, away from the main hubbub.