Comment to 'Tips for editing in Scrivener?'
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply Jane. I really do appreciate it.

    That's really helpful to know that you can "create a duplicate file of the book to be edited, rename it with date or something which makes me remember this will be the un-edited version and save it in a folder (or you could put in a different collection rather than starting a new project)". As that's not been obvious to me from my reading of their Tutorial.

    I have just discovered the collection feature now, thanks to you! That has allowed me to transfer a copy of my manuscript folder very easily into a collection file. It seems easy enough on first glance to take corresponding chapters from the original (say saved in the collection) and the edited version worked from in the binder and look at them side by side using the split editor view? I suppose if I use revision mode I'll be able to see which changes I have made vs the original, although it does seem possible also to do that via the snapshot and compare tools?

    One seemingly simple thing I can't seem to do easily is to "copy" in the MS word sense the manuscript into another folder in the binder? i.e. it won't work in the same way as I easily managed to create a copy of it in a collection file? I assume I could manually copy it all by replicating the structure in a new folder and copying text across, but am I missing something obvious here? I do find the folders hard work in Scrivener in terms of getting them in the right place on the indention.

    Grateful for any views on my probably idiotic questions and thanks again - your other tips also look really useful.

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